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IB Music Resources

The aims of the IB music program are to:
  • Give students the opportunity to explore and enjoy the diversity of music throughout the world
  • Encourage students to develop perceptual skills through a breadth of musical experiences, where they will learn to recognize, speculate, analyze, identify, discriminate and hypothesize in relation to music
  • Enable students to develop creatively their knowledge, abilities and understanding through performance and composition
  • Assist students to develop their potential as musicians both personally and collaboratively, in whatever capacity, to the fullest
At the completion of this course, students will be expected to demonstrate:
  • Use of appropraite musical language and terminology to describe and reflect their critical understanding of music
  • Development of perceptual skills in response to music
  • Knowledge and understanding of music in relation to time and place
While the broader, overriding goal of this class is an increased sensitivy to, and awareness of, a wide variety of music, the "exit assessment" is an examination administered by the International Baccalaureate Organization for credit in earning the IBO diploma. All students enrolled in this course must take the IBO music exam.

Below you will find links to assignments and study materials. You should visit these sites often as they will be a great benefit to you as you prepare for the IB exam.
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